Medicare Advantage payments are determined each year based on “benchmarks” calculated at the county level, from a combination of statutory formulas and regulatory decisions. CMS provides estimates of statutory factors and proposed regulatory decisions each year in a February “Advance Notice,” and publishes final county benchmarks in an April “Announcement.” Based on 2017 benchmarks, published in the CMS “Announcement” (Call Letter) of April 4, and February 2016 enrollment figures by county and plan type, estimates of the 2017 average payment per enrollee were calculated for each district using county-level estimates made available by American Action Forum. These 2017 rates are weighted averages of CMS- published non-EGWP benchmarks for regular and 4+ star bonus plans, and CMS-published payments to EGWP plans based on the new payment methodology, which involves four combinations of benchmark-plus-rebate amounts based on the star ratings. In all cases, the EGWP payment is lower than the benchmark for non-EGWP plans at the same star rating. Weightings for the averages are based on enrollment figures for Feb. 2016. As such, benchmarks and payment rates for “new” 2017 plans (which have special payment rates) are not included.